Sunday, March 11, 2012

 L A T E  O N  T H E  B A N D W A G O N . 


These past few weeks I've felt so disconnected from the world i.e. the internet, blogs etc. that I made sure I gave myself tonight off. I've spent the past two hours on Google Reader catching up on the day to day activities of my favourite bloggers. It's mind blowing how fast you can reach someone on the other side of the world, gain access to images/information that was once impossible, get inspired within the click of a button...

I just scrolled through Garance Dore's blog (for the first time in ages) and discovered that she has started posting fashion related videos. A clever move indeed. The latest (perhaps previous?) issue of Industrie discusses the impact of digital media including video recordings on the fashion industry. More and more publications, designers, and online stores are using the format to reach out to viewers. I wonder what they'll think of next?

Hope you had a lovely weekend/have a wonderful start to the week ahead.


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