Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a HUGE fan of the French band, Phoenix (j'adore Thomas Mars et Sofia Coppola). I remember watching them perform live at The Factory in 2007 and thinking, "This is the best concert ever!"* Since then, I've been to every Sydney concert of theirs and have seen them grow/reach international success. If you have a chance check out this short clip on the boys. x.

Phoenix: Lisztomania Rising on

*In 2010, I saw The Whitest Boy Alive perform live at Music Hall of Williamsburg (with Steph, who attended Phoenix's concert with me). I have to say, these guys are amazing live. So much so, they JUST beat Phoenix as 'The Best Concert Ever.' In fact, Steph and I are seeing Erlend and co. perform with New Navy at Sydney Festival 2012. Can't. Wait.

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