Sunday, April 22, 2012


Instead of boring you with individual posts I thought I'd keep things perky by combining all my images/happenings in a single post. x.

(L) Working on my look-book.
(R) The coolest (also unsafest?) female motor cyclist. I don't know if I love her heels or wheels more!

(L) Scrambled tofu on sourdough at Organic Produce. Surprisingly good!
(R) The Whitest Boy Alive LIVE!

(L) Love at first sight... A Lagotto puppy.
(R) Resorting to instant coffee... Sad, sad times.

(L & R) Dose. LOVE that they brought retro to the Northern Suburbs.

(L) The Little Burrow cupcakes.
(R) Uncle Ervan's famous banoffee pie... I could demolish the entire thing.

(L) Spoilt by my cousin, Tammy!
(R) Reminding us why She's the Queen of Pop!

(L) My first attempt at French Toast. So much better with maple syrup (than tomato sauce)!
(R) The raw food diet... Definitely not for me.

(L) Nic's pumpkin, spinach and feta muffins.
(R) Helping Uncle Ervan.

(L) What do you do with radish?
(R) A very lazy family dinner.

(L) The Picasso Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.
(R) Hansel, He's So Hot Right Now! Messina honouring the Sydney Mardi Gras.

(L) Getting creative.
(R) Working and studying.

(L) Packing for mini road trip.

(L) Using oil paint for the first time.
(R) What a gorgeous dress!

(L) Addicted to BBC's Sherlock.
(R) Want... Need... Mules by Louis Vuitton.

(L) Nic + Google maps = Not exactly sure.
(R) Doughy goodness at The Little Burrow.

(L) Studying/waiting for Cat and Nic
(R) Birthday 'shrooms.

(L) One of many meals at Don Don.
(R) Hangover food? No. Just a birthday treat! :)

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