Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yet another (spectacular) meal with Dan! This time we headed to Potts Point for coffee and eggs. It was ah-may-zing! The waitstaff were friendly, the coffee smooth, the servings large, the bread so good it warmed your heart (and belly)... I simply must take you!

After brunch, Dan and I checked out the Young Australian Designers Market in Paddington. I expected big things but no. Nada. I walked out disappointed/frustrated/ashamed of the Australian fashion industry. Michael Kors... Inspired... Bondi Beach. Whaaaat? Where were all the 'fashionistas' that Tommy Ton photographed during AFW? People keep telling me "Australian fashion is getting there..." Where exactly? More importantly, when are they getting to wherever they are going? *Sigh* Come on Australia, step up your game! x.

P.S. Dan bought a beige woolen scarf from a store-that-must-not-be-named on Oxford Street. At first he wasn't keen on the colour but he totally rocks in it!

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