Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I just spent the past half hour looking at Breton striped tops on Mr. Porter*. I love boys men in stripes. There's something cute/fun/sexy about them in them... It's a stylish yet practical pattern that can be worn in all seasons.

It seems majority of men have this notion that all women are high maintenance. Yes, several exist among our sex but for most of us, we believe "simple is best" (not counting intelligence) when it comes to dressing Mr. Right.

Bridge and I almost always end up having this conversation when we meet. We don't care for money, power or looks (it really is about his personality). Sure, we get excited when we see a well-dressed man walk down the street but that's purely because we're interested in men's fashion, not necessarily the man himself... There is nothing more off-putting than having a boyfriend/husband who spends more time in front of the mirror than we already do.

We like our men in t-shirts, jeans and sneakers**. Simple yet effective. It implies our male counterparts are practical thinkers and are confident in their own skin (they don't need to prove themselves by wearing fancy things***) making them more attractive than well-dressed-man-walking-down-the-street!

So you see my dear male readers, keep it simple and you'll get far - and if you get stuck Mr. Porter's only a click away. x.

A.P.C. red striped Breton t-shirt. Via.

Aubin & Wills long-sleeved Breton
t-shirt. Via.

Burberry Brit Breton stripe t-shirt. Via. 

Junya Watanabe cotton Breton top. Via.

*Yay for cool menswear online!

**Hehe. I caught myself out - as I typed the first sentence of the third paragraph I was thinking (my thoughts are in brackets)...
We like our men in t-shirts (the less fussy the better), jeans (straight leg, dark denim that sit on the waist, not hanging so low that we can see your underwear) and (Converse) sneakers. (A pair of specs wouldn't hurt either...)
High maintenance??? Pfft, whatever!

***This only applies to males - women are an exception as we enjoy wearing fruit-inspired hats and lampshade styled skirts.

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