Sunday, April 17, 2011

I just had one of the best weekends to date. Yesterday I spent the day representing Ervan Woo Cosmetics at The 2011 Bridal Expo then raced over to the Northern Beaches to celebrate Juz's birthday at The Pony Room. Several of us woke up with hangovers so we spent the day lying on the couch watching 'What Happens In Vegas'* and eating Thai food and leftover birthday cake**. At 2pm we peeled ourselves off the couch, got dressed and met Bridge and Benji*** for drinks at Manly Wharf Hotel. I am absolutely pooped but it was definitely worth the lack of sleep! x.

Ervan Woo Cosmetics at The 2011 Bridal Expo:

*Ashton Kutcher is such a hottie!

**Bridge baked a ginger and chocolate mud cake - it was super moist and yummy - we couldn't get enough of it!

***Welcome to Oz Benji - it was so nice to finally meet you. Hope you have an awesome time Down Under!

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