Monday, April 4, 2011

I couldn't wait to put these photos up of today! Uncle Ervan and Uncle Marcus took me to FourAteFive for breakfast before heading to Dieu Tan's studio in St. Peters to shoot Uncle E's new make-up range. It was a long but fun day - I was inspired by my creative surroundings (Megan Morton was next door styling bridal wear) and learnt just how important lighting is in photography. Happy days! x.

The new artwork at fouratefive.
Uncle E and I ordered muesli for breakfast - wonderfully generous and yummy!
One of the many artworks in Dieu's studio (you should see his bathroom).
Uncle E mixing a custom blend foundation for the shoot.
Uncle M and Dieu.
Getting it right. 
The importance of lighting (the equipment doubled by the end of the shoot).
Three men playing with make-up.
The make-up artist/brand owner.
Jeans and sneakers are the way to go (I was in denim too).
Left or right?
Stay tuned for the end result!

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