Friday, April 29, 2011

How beautiful does this woman look? She looks so at ease with her self and style. She possesses the right amount of coolness and elegance... It is easy to dress well but to wear it well ("pull it off") comes down to confidence and personality. It's about knowing and accepting who you are. It's a struggle for many people including me* (I'm hoping it has something to do with being in my mid-twenties) but eventually you will figure it out - if you want to. Whoa, that was quite deep!** x.

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*I think I'm one step closer to finding my 'groove'... For the past twelve months I've been growing out my bangs. I felt like I lost my edge and my sense of style until recently, when Uncle E gave me back my bangs... I automatically regained confidence in myself and image. YAY! :)

**I had no idea I'd end up blogging about self identity etc. I looked at the two images and thought, "She looks cool" but didn't want to write another post about how cool someone looks without giving any reason(s)... too vague... too deja vous! So I asked myself three questions: (1) Why does she look cool? (2) What makes her stand out from others? (3) Where can I purchase that wonderful woolly vest??? And there you have it, a (kind of) deep post on fashion!

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