Sunday, March 20, 2011

Last night my friends and I celebrated my birthday. We started at Hunky Dory Social Club, ate dinner at Don Don then danced the night away at Chingalings (the music was incredible). It was a typical girls night out with lots of champagne, lipstick and dancing. As Juz said of our hangovers, "(it was) totally worth it!" x. P.S. A big thank you to Uncle E for doing my hair and make-up.

One of the two large peacocks at HDSC. The bartender on the right had a phoenix tattooed on his right arm. What's with the bird obsession??? 
Gin meets Gorman.
Little Sis working her lavender coloured Lee. 
A rose between two glasses of champagne. 
The bar menu disguised as a Little Golden Book. Sneaky!
In the corner.
Jess: "Steph, I love your earrings."
Steph: "Thanks. They're from ASOS."
Jess: "Girls! Check out Steph's earrings... they're from ASOS!"
And so, the conversation gets serious! 
Absolutely flawless.
Addicted. Steph wears earrings from ASOS. Jess wears dress from ASOS.
At Chingalings... Bridge really wanted in on the photo.
A highly responsible Heids - loved her will power! 
I love this photo but don't remember what was said... obviously a drunk comment was made.
One of my favourite photos.
Tearing up the df.

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