Thursday, February 10, 2011

This time three years ago, Kiki, Steph and I found ourselves in Copenhagen in the midst of Fashion Week. It was a surreal experience. Women blessed with beautiful genes cycled through the city centre in designer gowns and heels as if it were the norm. Everyone around us was so well dressed (style comes naturally to Scandinavians) that I felt out of place, so much so that I (with the urging of Kiki and Steph) had my bangs trimmed at a hair salon not far from the cafe we sat at and people watched (one of my top three hair salon experiences). I cannot wait to return to the city and be inspired all over again (and when that time comes I won't be camera shy*). x.

Veronica B. Vallenes' Autumn/Winter 2011 collection

I found this outfit interesting - it looks quite ordinary on
the runway but if I saw it on someone walking down the
street, it would grab my attention. Something about the
silhouette. Plus, I'm partial to the colour black :) Via.
I love how Veronica has paired 'evening wear' with 'day
wear'. It's difficult to find the perfect balance especially
when it involves track suit pants - not many people can
pull it off! Via.
I thought the jumpsuit was on it's way out... obviously
not and loving it! Via.
So simple yet so effective. Via.
I'd love to rock this look! It's so glamorous. I need to get
myself a pair of buff coloured heels. Via.
I like the neutral tones and various textures. Via.
I really like the colour palette Veronica used in
this collection. The designer has created a timeless
look by teaming dusty pink and maroon. Via.

*Having been young, naive and overwhelmed by my surroundings I was afraid to take photos (the person behind the camera also gets 'camera shy') of the super stylish Danes that passed by us. Thanks to GaranceScott, Tommy and other fashion bloggers who photograph street fashion, people are paying attention to the way they and others dress... about time!

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