Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So this morning I woke up at the usual time to go for a run but I felt lazy and ate breakfast instead (food always wins). Since I have a bit of time before I play Ugly Betty* I thought I would blog...

I am oh-so-inspired right now that I feel confident with the way things are progressing career wise - something about it feels right and I can't explain it. I realised I will always have doubts about decisions I make and my capabilities when starting something new but for the first time, those doubts don't exist (only a few fears to keep me grounded). And as Steph says, "(no matter how bad things get) everything will be okay."

On a lighter note... Vogue Italia are renowned for their editorials... This one featuring Ruby Aldridge and Alejandra Alonso by Francesca Carrozzini (in the February 2011 issue) is no exception.

*My Uncle Jonas has hired me to be his 'PA'

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