Wednesday, February 23, 2011

On Monday morning, Uncle Ervan held a make-up lesson for his assistants, Cassandra, Elaine and Valentina at his Chatswood studio. I love observing Uncle Ervan at work as I always learn something new and am inspired to get all creative and stuff. x.

Uncle E's studio.
Why raid Mum's make-up drawer when you have Uncle E's make-up collection?
Valentina in love hearts.
Uncle E and Valentina trying to find the right (skin foundation) colour.
Cassandra recounting her most recent gig.
Valentina about to apply fake lashes. P.S. How cool is her tattoo? It's a fleur de lis.
After the eyelashes comes the mascara.
Uncle E says, "It's all about blending!"
Eye shadow au naturale.
All brushed up.
Valentina's turn to play model.
In action.

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