Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hi guys,

I feel bad for raving on about New York Fashion Week... I get a tad excited about fashion shows and automatically think that you feel the same way. It is one of my ultimate dreams to attend (New York or Paris) fashion week - I regret not joining the likes of Garance, Scott and Tommy outside Somerset House whilst living in London and am wondering whether it was due to sheer naivete, laziness or intimidation? 

Anyhoo. New York Fashion Week is over. It is a bittersweet moment as I love the designers who show in the Big Apple but am relieved to take a break and catch up on everything else that is going on - fashion is important to me but so are my family and friends :) Here are a few photos from brunch with Mum and Aunt Elaine at Lumiere last Sunday. x.

I admire Erik and Jens for creating such an inspiring magazine and Gorman for keeping designs fun and interesting. 
Lins a.k.a Mum eyeing her bacon and egg ciabatta roll with tomato
Sorry Mum but my ricotta hot cakes win! :)
One of the reasons why Lumiere is one of the best cafes in Sydney - the friendly/talented staff.
I walked past this street yesterday and this guy was still working on the mural... Lots of love and sweat (31 degree days) have been put into this art work.
I love this iron sign. So French. So original. No doubt Sydney-siders know where I am :)
I never knew this place existed. It caught my attention as I was taking photos of the white fence... I just checked out their website and OMG, I contacted them for more info (on courses they offer)!!!

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