Sunday, January 16, 2011

New York is my favourite city in the world. (My heart just sank that little bit after writing that sentence) There is something magical about the city... the people, the streets, the bright lights are awe-inspiring. I could spend hours and hours wandering the streets of New York City and be perfectly content doing so. It's the kind of place that inspires you, allows you to dream and, most importantly believe that anything is possible.

Since returning from my last trip to New York, I discovered this wonderful blog called, Downtown from Behind -
The concept is an environmental portrait for each street and its subject.  The goal to highlight a unique set of individuals who have had an impact, previously or currently on downtown New York City, making downtown what it is today. Via.
I love how transport (in this case, bicycle) is the constant that offers the viewer a glimpse into the every day life of the rider. It's so... raw. x.

CLINTON STREET, Jamie Massam, ACD/Art Director. Via.
GREENE STREET, Jeanie Syfu, Hairstylist. Via.
3RD STREET, Chung Pai, Owner Landmark Bicycles. Via.
10TH STREET, Frank Alexander, Event Designer. Via.
WEST BROADWAY, Lauren Tinker, Model. Via.

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